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Blogs from January, 2013

Politics and Your Legal Rights


As you know, we've had several important elections in this country recently. No matter who you voted for, you should remember two things: One, politics doesn't end when the election is over. Two, your legal rights are always at stake.

Big companies, including big insurers, spend lots of money lobbying every year, to limit your rights when you are injured in an accident.

And they don't stop with the legislature. When you take on these companies in court, they hire lawyers whose job is to defeat your claim, or keep the amount they have to pay to a minimum. If they save a dollar- they win.

My practice is dedicated to fighting for people just like you who've suffered injuries. I believe that people injured through someone else's fault deserve fair compensation- and I'm not afraid to fight for it. If you would like to discuss your legal rights, please call me.

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