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Rideshare Accidents

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Uber & Lyft Accidents in Louisiana

Uber and Lyft’s introduction changed the availability of transportation to many Americans. An alternative to taxicabs, rideshare services offer on-demand rides to people in most areas of the country.

However, Uber and Lyft drivers are not immune to accidents. Like any other motorist, they are prone to human error and general negligence, which can be disastrous for rideshare passengers and others on the road. To make matters worse, crashes involving Ubers, Lyfts, and other rideshare vehicles are not like typical car accident cases; they are far more complex and much more difficult to win.

To help you navigate the complexities of a rideshare accident, you need the assistance of an experienced attorney. At The Womac Law Firm, our New Orleans Uber & Lyft accident lawyers have over 36 years of experience representing personal injury clients in an array of complicated accident claims. We have helped many Uber and Lyft accident victims successfully recover compensation for their medical bills, lost earnings, pain and suffering, and other losses—and we are ready to fight for you, too.

Representing the Victims of Rideshare Collisions

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I Was Injured in a Rideshare Accident—What Should I Do?

Being injured in a collision as an Uber or Lyft passenger can be incredibly stressful. Not only do you have to navigate the processes involved in the aftermath of any car accident, but you must also account for the involvement of the rideshare companies and their insurance providers.

The steps to take after an Uber or Lyft accident are generally the same as what to do after any car accident. You will need to get medical attention and collect evidence to begin building your case. The main difference between other car accidents and rideshare accidents is that you will be negotiating with Lyft or Uber’s insurance company, rather than the driver’s auto insurance provider.

If you were injured in a collision with an Uber or Lyft driver, but not as a passenger, your claim will proceed similarly to any car accident case. You will need to prove the fault of the rideshare driver and will pursue coverage through their auto insurance policy. You may be able to recover benefits through Uber or Lyft’s insurance, but the driver’s personal policy will typically be the primary source of compensation in these cases.

Whatever your situation is, the New Orleans Lyft & Uber accident attorneys at The Womac Law Firm can help. Reach out to us today to learn more during a free, no-obligation consultation.

What Compensation Is Available to Uber & Lyft Accident Victims?

When applicable, Uber and Lyft offer the following cover amounts:

  • Period 1: When drivers are using their respective rideshare apps and are prepared to accept passengers, both companies offer $50,000 in injury coverage, $100,000 in accident coverage, and $25,000 in property damage coverage. These benefits are only available if the driver’s personal car insurance policy is not available.
  • Period 2: Rideshare drivers who are on their way to pick up a passenger are covered by $1,000,000 in insurance under both Uber and Lyft’s policies. This coverage can be allotted to passengers or other drivers who are injured in a collision with the rideshare driver.
  • Period 3: If the rideshare driver has the app turned on, has accepted a ride, and has the passenger in the vehicle, the $1,000,000 coverage applies, just as it does when the driver is on their way to pick up the passenger. This is true for both Uber and Lyft.

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Commonly Asked Questions

What steps should I take immediately after a rideshare accident in New Orleans?

If you're involved in a rideshare accident in New Orleans, the first step is to ensure your safety and seek medical attention. Then, document the scene by taking photos and collecting contact information from witnesses. It's crucial to report the accident to the rideshare company and consult with a New Orleans attorney experienced in Uber and Lyft accidents to guide you through the process of filing a claim and negotiating with insurance companies.

Why is it important to hire a New Orleans attorney for a rideshare accident claim?

Hiring a New Orleans attorney for a rideshare accident claim is crucial due to the complex nature of these cases. Local attorneys understand Louisiana's specific laws and regulations regarding rideshare accidents. They can effectively negotiate with insurance companies and are prepared to fight for your rights to ensure you receive fair compensation for your injuries and losses.

Can You Sue Uber or Lyft After an Accident?

Although rideshare accidents differ slightly from normal car accidents because another party (e.g. Uber or Lyft) is involved, the drivers are almost always liable for collisions while the rideshare businesses may not be found at fault at all. Why is this?

In most accident cases in which a commercial entity is involved—such as a truck accident or company vehicle accident—the business will share liability with the driver as the supervising body over their training, vehicle maintenance, legal compliance, and other responsibilities. The relationship between rideshare companies and their drivers differs from a typical employer/employee relationship; Uber and Lyft drivers are considered “independent contractors.”

As independent contractors, Lyft and Uber drivers operate without much assistance from the companies they drive for. They drive their own cars, are responsible for their own vehicle maintenance, make their own schedules, and govern when and where they work. This employment classification allows Uber and Lyft to avoid liability in most collision cases. This can make it very difficult—though not impossible—to sue Uber or Lyft after an accident.

In any car accident case, there is the possibility of third-party liability. Vehicle manufacturers, mechanics, and others could be at fault for a rideshare accident, depending on the circumstances of the collision.

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Who Is Liable in an Uber or Lyft Accident?

Lyft and Uber have insurance policies in place to cover the expenses that result from accidents involving their drivers. However, the specific circumstances involved play a large role in whether Uber/Lyft offer coverage and what amount of compensation is available.

Generally speaking, you can only hold Uber or Lyft liable for an accident when the rideshare driver had the app turned on when the collision occurred. If the driver did not have the app on, the rideshare company is not liable. Additionally, Uber and Lyft only offer coverage when their drivers are at fault. When another person, such as a third-party motorist, causes an accident with an Uber or Lyft driver, injured victims must seek compensation by bringing a claim against the at-fault person or party.

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At The Womac Law Firm, our New Orleans Uber accident attorneys understand that recovering from a rideshare accident can be complicated. We can answer your questions and guide you through your claim, providing the confidence you need to move forward from the accident. We can even help you prepare for trial (if applicable) with our state-of-the-art, on-site mock jury courtroom.

With millions of dollars in “Womac Wins” and a reputation for personalized, client-focused advocacy, we are well-equipped to help you with your rideshare accident claim. We are dedicated to helping our fellow New Orleans residents fight for fair compensation when they are harmed by the negligence of others.

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Have Questions?

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  • Do Commercial Trucks Have “Black Box” Devices?
    Some 18-wheelers and semis are equipped with an electronic on-board recorder (EOBR), which is sometimes called a “black box” device like those on airplanes. EOBRs track the amount of time that the vehicle is in operation. This information can be used to see if the truck driver was violating break schedules and possibly driving while exhausted. A few EOBR models can even track the truck’s speed, which could show that the trucker was breaking the speed limit at the time of the collision.
  • What Happens During a Truck Accident Investigation?

    The steps of a truck accident investigation will vary depending on the details of the crash. Typically, we will begin by surveying the accident site ourselves and comparing our findings with evidence that we have already been provided by our client or an insurance company investigator.

    For complicated cases, we can call in a crash reconstruction expert to assist with the investigation. Next, our attorneys will want to check the crash history of the truck driver and the trucking company’s safety records. We might be able to find a pattern of negligence that could help prove that the 18-wheeler caused the crash, not you.

  • How Long Will My Truck Accident Case Take?
    As with any legal matter, every personal injury case is different. Truck accident cases are time-sensitive due to the lengthy investigation involved. Evidence must be quickly preserved in order to accurately determine fault, as blame may not necessarily be placed on the driver of the truck. In a situation like this, the trucking company, manufacturer, truck owner, leasing company, or truck loader may be held responsible for your injuries or damages.

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