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Blogs from November, 2013

Save a Life: Don't Text and Drive


Auto accidents from distracted drivers have increased significantly in recent years. Some common driver distractions are cell phone use, using a navigation system, grooming, reading, eating, anything that distracts the driver from their primary responsibility of driving the vehicle.

Because texting requires more visual and mental attention, it is one of the most dangerous of the distracted driving activities. Texting can endanger the lives of drivers, passengers and pedestrians. Sending a text message while driving can increase your chances of having an auto accident by 23 percent. According to the government website for distracted driving, when receiving or sending a text, estimates are that your eyes are off the road for approximately 4.6 seconds, and if you are driving at a rate of 55 mph, it is the equivalent of blindly driving the length of a football field. Would you ever risk driving the length of a football field blindfolded?

In Louisiana, if you are a school bus driver, have your learner’s permit or a recent license holder or are under 18 years of age, you are not allowed to use your cell phone while driving. Louisiana also has a ban on texting while driving for all drivers.

Younger People with Newer Technology

Teens and young adults are often more affected by driving distractions. Teens tend to use their cell phones more and tend to engage in riskier activities with their phones while driving. Their reaction time while driving and texting slows to be the same as a 70 year old. It is important that we educate our children regarding the dangers of texting while driving, and of course not text and drive ourselves. A common slogan is Put Down the Phone, Save A Life, and Don’t Text and Drive.

If you have any questions regarding distracted driving or have been injured in an auto accident by a driver who was distracted while driving, call our office at (504) 470-3935.

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