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Blogs from October, 2013

Personal Injury Case: What You Have to Know When Filing a Claim


A personal injury case involves two parties with one looking for compensation for damages that resulted from the negligence of the other party. Damages can range from physical injury to emotional distress. If you’re a victim of an accident, the state where you live dictates when you can file for this type of case. As with some accidents, the extent of the injury may not manifest immediately. Some states, including Louisiana, will allow you to file for a personal injury case within a year the accident happened.

Types of Personal Injury Claims
There are different types of personal injury claims. The most common types of claims are traffic accidents. Some also file for claims due to holiday accidents and product defect accidents. Personal injury also includes dental and medical accidents. Furthermore, you can also claim compensation for injuries related to industrial diseases, such as asbestosis, silicosis, and emphysema.

Depending on the type of negligence, you may receive a monetary compensation from the responsible party. Before receiving compensation, however, you need a competent personal injury lawyer in New Orleans.

In a personal injury claim, you’ll hear two types of damages, specifically, general and special damages. General damages are injuries that you can’t measure, including emotional distress, suffering, and pain. Special damages are injuries that you can measure, including property damages, lost earnings, and medical charges.

Other than monetary compensation for damages, we can help you receive compensation for the lifetime effect of the accident. We can help you file a personal injury case and obtain just compensation.

Settlements and Taxes
You can receive compensation for injuries in two ways: through settlement or judgment. When a company decides to settle, you’ll need to agree on a settlement amount and the way you’d like to receive the payment. Compensation through judgment means you and the other party will meet in court until a judge reaches a decision.

If you have questions about an accident you have been involved in, please contact us for a free consultation.

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