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Blogs from August, 2016

Truck Accident Investigations - Part 2 - Examination of the Truck


Commercial trucks, company vehicles, delivery vans, and more all require routine and careful maintenance to stay within a condition that is safe for driving. One of the signs that a company may be run negligently is if its vehicles are not up to acceptable safety and maintenance standards. Checking up on these mechanical conditions and revealing flaws are important factors in an injury claim after being in a trucking accident.

Third-Party Inspections

Inspection records are helpful but to gain an unbiased and fresh perspective on the situation, a trustworthy mechanic that has experience working on large vehicles can be beneficial to your case. With so many different parts working in conjunction to make an 18-wheeler function, the mechanic must be able to understand all aspects and recognize all potential problems.

A vehicle inspector will review and analyze many parts on the vehicle, such as:

  • Tire tread and wheel assembly
  • Airbrake valves and gauges
  • Axles for strength limitations
  • Headlights
  • Air horns
  • Proper mirror positioning

Any defect or mistake that a mechanic may find when inspecting the truck may indicate an issue with proper and regular maintenance of the vehicle.

Who Can Help You Examine a Commercial Truck?

Who, then, can you turn to for help?

As with many other aspects of a trucking accident case, this is a task that can be easier with the assistance of an attorney. Call The Womac Law Firm at 504.470.3935 and talk with our New Orleans personal injury lawyers to learn about the ways we can assist you with your case. Call anytime for a free consultation.

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