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Blogs from January, 2016

Things to do after an auto accident!


Things to do immediately after you are involved in an auto accident:

•Do not leave the scene of the accident
Even a minor accident can cause serious injuries, so remain at the scene of the accident until police and help arrive.

•Check for injuries
If you or someone else is injured, call an ambulance immediately. Be sure to note the location of the accident so that the ambulance dispatcher can send help quickly.

•Call the police
Always call the police after an auto accident, especially if you or someone else has been injured. Police officers will gather information, investigate the accident, determine who was at fault for the accident, and write an official police report. The police report will help your insurance claim and any liability claims. Be sure to note the officer's name and badge number, and ask the officer how to get a copy of the police report.

•Get as much information as you can
The police will gather information from the parties involved and write a report, but you should always make sure to gather as much information as you can while at the scene of the accident.

Always be sure to get the following information:
1. Other drivers- get the name, address, telephone number, driver's license number, and insurance information.
2. Passengers- get the name, address and telephone number of every passenger.
3. Witnesses- get the name, telephone number, and address of all witnesses.
4. Owner- if another vehicle hit you and someone other than the driver owns the vehicle, make sure to get the name, address, telephone number, and insurance information of the owner of the vehicle as well.
5. Photographs- take pictures of the accident scene. Use your cell phone to photograph the accident scene and all of the vehicles involved.

Do not admit responsibility
When you exchange information with the other driver and give the facts to the police, don't admit responsibility for the accident. The things you say can be used against you. You might think you were responsible for the accident and later learn that the other driver caused it or that the other driver was equally at fault. Cooperate with the police and provide them with the necessary information.

Seek medical attention if you are hurt
Both you and your passengers should consider seeing a doctor after an auto accident. Even a seemingly minor auto accident can cause serious injuries. The doctor might recognize injuries that are not apparent to you and will document those injuries.

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