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Blogs from December, 2017

4 Types of Premises Liability You Might Not Know About


Property owners have a duty to make sure their property is safe for visitors. Failing to maintain the safety of a property can have substantial legal implications for a property owner, especially if someone is injured on their property. Sometimes, an injured person can take legal action against the owner of the property they were injured on. In this blog, we explain the different types of premises liability claims that can be made by an injured person.

#1: Dog Bites

Because many dog attacks happen on a dog owner’s property, dog bite claims typically fall under the category of premises liability. Guests and visitors who sustain injuries from a dog bite might have the grounds to sue for damages.

#2: Inadequate Security

Property owners must take reasonable steps to protect their guests from harm. This includes providing adequate security for properties that attract the attention of criminals who could potentially harm guests. This is why you will usually see a security guard on duty at a bank.

#3: Swimming Pool Accidents

Property owners with pools should take extra measures to ensure that guests aren’t harmed while swimming. It can be difficult to defend against these types of premises liability claims because of the dangers associated with swimming pools.

#4: Toxic Exposure

Hazardous substances must be safely handled and stored at all times by property owners. Leaving chemicals around or improperly labeling hazardous materials can put guests at risk for toxic exposure. Claims based on toxic exposure often pay out more for damages because chemical agents can cause lingering or lifelong debilitations.

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