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Blogs from March, 2022

How Are Navigational Systems Unsafe?

Close up of an infotainment system in a car while driving on the street during the day

While built-in vehicle navigation systems provide many benefits to drivers, they can also make driving less safe. Read on to learn how.

How Navigational Systems Can Be Unsafe

Common issues with vehicle navigation systems that can make them unsafe to use include:

  • Lack of the driver’s understanding about how the navigation system’s controls function,
  • The driver’s uncertainty about how to use a digital interface,
  • The driver utilizes similar sounds for all notifications so they are unsure of what is being communicated,
  • Lack of the driver’s understanding regarding how to enter an incomplete address,
  • The driver’s inability to find the start of a route,
  • Visuals on the system that are too small to understand and do not provide vital information,
  • Incorrect, vague, or inappropriately timed voice commands provided by the system, and
  • Mistimed rerouting.

However, it is important to keep in mind that most drivers become rather familiar with their navigation systems as they get to know them.

When getting a car with a navigation system, it’s a good idea to sit down with it for a while during times you aren’t driving to gain a better understanding of its functions while you are stationary.

How Drivers Tend to Use Navigation Systems

Studies show that when navigation systems are used, drivers tend to spend about 5% of the trip time interacting with the system. Roughly 40% of their interaction time occurred during the first 10% of the trip time, and roughly 35% of the behavior occurred when the car was not moving or going very slowly (0-10 kilometers per hour/0-6 miles per hour).

These results suggest that even though drivers tend to mitigate their use of navigation systems while driving to a certain extent, risky tasks are still often conducted while driving.

We Can Help Injured Victims

If another’s negligent use of a navigation system caused you to sustain injuries in a crash, we’re here to help. Don’t delay—contact our office right away to speak with our skilled team.

Call our firm today at (504) 470-3935 or fill out the online contact form to discuss the details of your case and learn how we can help.

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