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Blogs from August, 2012

Trial Attorneys Fighting Big Insurance Companies


Every day, we hear distressing news about our economy. Gas prices go up; businesses close or lay off workers; new college graduates cannot find jobs. But just this week, we see that one of the nation's largest insurance companies has posted a profit that surprised even Wall Street.

Insurance companies often talk about the high cost of paying claims. They
have effectively used their connections in media to put out the message that high
costs of claims by accident victims are contributing to insurance premium
costs. But they never talk about how hard they will work to avoid paying claims, or
to minimize or reduce the amounts they pay to victims of accidents.

Insurance companies are experts at trying to pay you less than you deserve.
But we are experts at fighting hard for our clients. If you need a New Orleans personal injury lawyer
who will fight to get you the best result possible- even against the biggest insurance
companies in the United States- call me.

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