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Blogs from October, 2012

Our Mock Courtroom Helps Us Prepare


Sometimes you hear the term "trial lawyer." Politicians sometimes use this term, when what they really mean are "lawyers for injured people." They often use this term disparagingly. At our personal injury firm, we are proud of being lawyers for injured people. And while most civil lawsuits settle, and most lawyers- for the plaintiff and defense- don't really try cases, or try very few, someone needs to know how. And to be ready to fight all the way to verdict if that's what it takes. When I founded this firm, I did so with the belief that we should fight for our clients, all the way to trial if need be. We take our role as advocates so seriously, that we have constructed a mock courtroom. When we have an important matter or trial coming up, we use the mock courtroom to prepare. We want our clients to have a feel for the real courtroom, so that when we walk in to try their case, we are ready - and so is our client. Our clients deserve nothing less.

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