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Blogs from June, 2014

Dressing For Court


If your case should lead to a court trial, a professional, neat appearance in the courtroom is essential. The courtroom is a serious setting, so a professional appearance will let the judge and jury know you are taking your case and the judicial system seriously. Your attorney will advise you on the specific dress code for your courthouse before your court date, but here are some general tips for dressing in the courtroom.

  • Dress in a professional manner – wear, neat conservative clothes that are comfortable but fitting - do not wear clothes that are overly large or too small.
  • For men, slacks and button down shirts are best. For women, a skirt and blouse or modest dress is appropriate. Subtle colors, like navy or brown are better than loud colors.
  • Do not wear T-shirts or any shirts with slogan on them. No shorts or flip flops. Dress shoes are best.
  • Do not wear dark tinted eye glasses.
  • Grooming is important. Hair should be washed, brushed and neat. Shower and shave any facial hair.
  • Beards or mustaches should be trimmed.
  • Only essential jewelry should be worn.
  • If possible, cover tattoos and remove any piercings.

Remember what you wear reveals a lot about you and dressing appropriately in court shows respect for the judicial process.

Still Have Questions? We Can Help!

At The Womac Law Firm, if your case goes to trial, we have experienced trial lawyers that will guide you through the entire process. They will work with you in our mock courtroom at our office and prepare you in every way possible for your court date.

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