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Blogs from October, 2014

Driving and Walking Safety Tips of Halloween


Halloween is a fun and exciting time for parents and adults. With so many children on the streets moving from house to house trick-or-treating, taking safety precautions while walking and driving is a must. Auto accidents with pedestrians increase four times on Halloween night. Here are some driving and walking tips from Safe Kids that can help ensure a safe Halloween for all.

When going outside during Halloween:

  1. Trick or Treat with your children if they are under the age of 12.
  2. Cross the streets near corners and obey all traffic signs.
  3. Be alert and aware when crossing the road. Do not run and look both ways before crossing the street.
  4. Be familiar with the neighborhoods you are trick-or-treating in and choose well lit roads.
  5. Walk on sidewalks or paths. If there are no sidewalks, it is best to walk facing traffic and as far off the street as possible.
  6. Wear reflective stickers, flashlights or glow sticks.

When driving on Halloween night:

  1. Drive slowly! Drive below the speed limit to ensure safety. Children are excited, distracted, and can be unpredictable when walking. They may dart into the street unexpectedly. Driving below the speed limit will help if you have to make a quick stop.
  2. Be alert and eliminate any distractions. Do not use your cell phone. You need to be focused on the road and aware of your surroundings and nearby children, especially during the hours from 5:30-9:30pm on Halloween night.

For more information on Halloween safety, you can visit

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Everyone at The Womac Law Firm wishes you and your family a safe and happy Halloween.

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