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Blogs from December, 2016

Driving and Parking Lot Safety


It may come as a surprise, but a parking lot is one of the most common places for car accidents. Between the increased number of pedestrians as well as motorists who are backing out of spots, it can be a hazardous environment. Throw in a rush of holiday shoppers and it might be a recipe for disaster. Although cars travel at slower average speeds than they do on roads and highways, parking lot accidents can still lead to severe injuries. The tips and suggestions included below can help you decrease the chance of getting in an accident during the holidays or any other time of year.

1. Take your time: During the holidays, it can seem as though everyone is in a rush. Try to avoid letting this mindset affect your driving habits. If you need time to prepare before making a turn or pullingforward, then take it. If you are not comfortable backing out of your spot, then wait. When you are behind the wheel,being in a rush may lead to an increased risk for accidents.

2. Be selective with your spot: When it is your turn to choose a parking space, try picking one that is off to the side or away from congested areas. Many stores will have side entrances or areas for overflow parking that are often less busy than spots in front of the main entrance. Additionally, pullingforwardor choosing a spot that will allow you to avoid backing up is another way to minimize the risk of accidents.

3. Keep track of pedestrians: With so many shoppers ready to hit the stores, parking lots may have a steady stream of pedestrians both coming and going. There is no guarantee that any of them will be paying attention. Keep in mind that just because you think that your car should be visible to a pedestrian (or another driver for that matter),it does notmean that they see you. If you are not sure of a person’s path, give them time to move along before you pull out of your spot or drive forward.

Following the tips listed above can not only lower the risk of you hitting a pedestrian or car, it may also lessen the possibility that someone else will hit you. However, in the event that you are involved in an accident through no fault of your own, contact our New Orleans car accident attorneys. At The Womac Law Firm, we have recovered millions of dollars for our clients and know how to fight hard to get you the money that you deserve.

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