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Blogs from December, 2016

The Most Common Holiday-Related Accidents (and How to Avoid Them)


Now that December has arrived and the holidays are in full swing, safety habits may not be the first thing on your mind. While this can be a time of joy and celebration, if you are not careful you may end up with a serious injury. However, once you know about some of the most common holiday dangers and in the house, you can work to avoid them.

Preparing for the situations below can help you to stay safe throughout the New Year.

1.Falls: Decorating the house can be a great way to show off your holiday spirit, however, when putting up lights and ornaments involves a ladder, remember to take safety precautions. See that the ladder is planted on firm, steady ground and consider getting a helper. Additionally, when the kitchen is full of activity, spilled food may also lead to slips and falls.

2.Choking: Between holiday banquets and kids who tear through presents to get to toys with small parts, choking is a very real danger. If you have small children, keep a close eye on any toys which may present a choking hazard. It may also be a good idea to baby-proof the house before any festivities get underway.

3. Burns: Burns can be caused by a number of factors, from accidents in the kitchen involving scalding, hot food or boiling water to electrical fires caused by faulty lights or overloaded outlets. An unattended candle may even lead to a house fire. If you do not have a fire extinguisher ready, it might be time to make that investment.

4.Car accidents: The time between Christmas and New Year’s Eve is a notoriously dangerous time to be out on the road. Every year, December sees a surge in traffic and an increase in the number ofdrunk drivers and car wrecks. If your holiday plans involve driving, keep your eye out for potential hazards and don’t let your guard down.

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