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Blogs from July, 2016

Truck Accident Investigations - Part 1 - Review of Company Records


If you have been injured in a truck accident and are planning on filing a claim, many factors should be examined. To get a clear look at what has happened recently, it is worth it to study what has happened in the past. In particular, reviewing a company’s records and accident history can prove to be a valuable resource for building an injury claim.

When reviewing company records, signs of past negligence may include:

  • Failing to perform background checks
  • Inadequately training drivers
  • No penalty system in place after drivers make critical mistakes
  • No regular drug tests required

Every company that puts vehicles on the road has the responsibility of ensuring their drivers are capable of completing the job safely. Without proper supervision, training, and checkups, they can put other motorists in danger. If an accident occurs, the parent company may be held accountable for what their driver has done.

Companies also must regularly maintain their vehicles. A company that has not passed recent inspections from state or federal organizations may be unable to maintain their fleet to safety standards.

Personal Background Checks Help As Well

Sometimes it is necessary to look further into the issue and inspect the driving record of the driver that hit you. A company record could be spotless but the Department of Motor Vehicles may have an entirely different story in their own records.

Collecting Evidence May Be Easier Said Than Done

If you are planning on filing your own claim, it may be more difficult than it seems, especially if the liable company resists your inquiries. The Womac Law Firm has helped personal injury clientsfor over 30 years and knows how to handle truck accident claims. If you have any questions regarding your accident, call our New Orleans truck accident attorneys today at 504.470.3935 and schedule a free consultation.

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