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Blogs from September, 2016

School Bus Safety Tips for Motorists


With the school year up and going, school buses are once again a common sight across the nation. While this is a time of excitement for many families, the increased number of children near busy roads can create a greater risk for accidents. Many motorists may not be aware that in the State of Louisiana, there are laws which govern school bus safety. For example, drivers are required to stop at least 30 feet away from a school bus that is boarding or offloading children. This is also true for opposing lanes of traffic where there is no divider. We all want our children to be safe and our blog has four tips for school bus safety.

School bus safety tips for motorists include:

1.Slow down in school zones and where school buses frequently stop. The chances for an accident and the potential for injury greatly increase at faster speeds. Even if no children are visible from your vantage point, a child may be ready to cross the road just out of your view.

2.Come to a full stop when a bus driver indicates that children will be boarding or offloading. Typically buses will flash red lights when children are outside of the vehicle and yellow lights when they are preparing to board. A bus may also extend a stop sign to indicate that children are present.

3.Note the time when the schools near you or on your daily commute start and end each day. Children who may be running late or are excited to get out of class may be quick to run across the street.

4.Actively scan the sidewalks and roads for children when you are driving through or near a school zone. Children often gather before and after school and are not always mindful of their surroundings. By staying aware of school zones and the places that children are likely to be, you can increase the time you have to react in order to avoid an accident

Injured By a Negligent Driver? Put the Womac on 'Em!

The safety of children and school bus passengers alike depends greatly on the alertness of drivers. When the negligence or inattentiveness of a motorist causes harm to another, those motorists can be held accountable for their actions. If you or a loved one has been injured in a school zone through no fault of your own, contact our New Orleans personal injury attorneys and schedule a free case consultation at 504-486-9999 and we’ll show you how we Put the Womac on ‘Em!

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