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Blogs from January, 2017

Careless Driving Habits That Can Increase the Risk of Accidents


Many of us encounter careless drivers every day while we are out on the roads. But even some of the most “minor” careless driving habits can end up causing serious crashes. Careless driving habits not only cost drivers thousands of dollars in repairs and increased insurance rates every year, but they can also increase the risk of injuries. The next time you are out on the roads, think about the way you drive and how you can make the roads safer by breaking the following habits!

Here are the top 7 driving habits that can cause serious accidents:

1. Running red lights: We understand the urge to make it across the intersection before the light turns red, but running red lights is not only a bad habit, but an incredibly dangerous one for you, other drivers, and pedestrians.

2.Texting while driving: Texting and driving is one of the most dangerous habits for a driver. It is also more common these days because of the prevalence of smartphones. Any time you take your eyes off the road, you risk causing injuries to you and other drivers.

3.Speeding: While going 5 mph over the speed limit sounds minor, even a small bump in speed can increase your risk of an accident. Not to mention, you’ll increase the odds of getting a speeding ticket.

4.Using electronic devices: Drivers today are more distracted than ever by smartphone apps, GPS navigations systems, DVD players, and other electronic devices in the car. All drivers should do their best to minimize distractions by putting away devices and setting up GPS apps before getting on the road.

5.Tailgating: Following the car in front of you too closely is very common. Far too often, drivers follow cars too closely and do not give themselves enough room to brake, eventually causing rear-end accidents.

6.Failing to use turn signals: Turn signals tell other drivers if you are making a turn or if you are changing lanes. If another driver is not expecting you to enter a lane or make a turn, this can cause dangerous crashes. Something as simple as signaling can help prevent accidents.

7.Aggressive driving and road rage: We’ve probably all seen our fair share of angry drivers who honk and shout at others on the roads. Driving while angry can often lead to poor decisions and unsafe driving overall.

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