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Blogs from September, 2017

Why Posting on Social Media During Your Injury Claim Is a Bad Idea


Social MediaIf you have been injured, it is important to hire an attorney who will do more than just handle your paperwork. An experienced attorney should encourage you to refrain from making posts about your injury or recovery process on social media. Although it is normal for us to want to share our personal experiences with our online friends and followers, doing so could jeopardize your injury claim. Your legal representative might discourage you from posting for the following reasons:

Posts Could Be Taken Out of Context

One of the biggest issues you might face is having your social media posts taken out of context. The other party’s legal team will comb through your accounts looking for anything that can be used to challenge or contradict your injury claim.

Posts Could Be Used to Place You at Fault

Many people will post about their injury or accident out of pure frustration. However, an emotional post could be used to allege fault or even negligence. The opposing party will be searching for evidence that could be used to fight against a claim of emotional distress. It’s important to remember that social media accounts are public record. Anything you post can potentially be used to contradict your injury claim.

Our personal injury lawyers can assist with any questions you might have regarding social media use and we will work hard to make sure that your rights are protected. The Womac Law Firm has been serving injured people across New Orleans for over 30 years. We’re ready to help you today.

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