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Blogs from August, 2019

Why Drowsy Driving Is More Dangerous Than You Think


Though driving under the influence is one of the deadliest decisions someone can make, many don’t realize the powerful impact that fatigued driving may have on their safety, concentration, and overall performance. According to the CDC, drowsy driving is a serious issue in the United States that affects a large population of adult drivers. Millions of people admit to getting behind the wheel while feeling fatigue. Sleep deprivation can have similar effects on your body as when you drink alcohol, leaving you in an unfocused state, unable to adequately pay attention to the road. In addition, drowsy driving affects your brain’s reaction time and your ability to quickly make a life-saving decision, like swerving out of another vehicle’s way or avoiding a hazard on the road.

What Can Drowsy Drivers Do?

In today’s world, we are not always well-rested and as ready to take on the day as we should. If you catch yourself yawning one too many times behind the wheel while on a long trip, it may be best to pull over and take a short nap before you resume any driving activity. Drink some coffee, get out of the vehicle to stretch, and switch roles with a passenger if possible.

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