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Blogs from August, 2019

Deposition Preparation Tips


After an accident, you might find yourself headed towards a long and complicated legal process to fight for the compensation you deserve. During one part of this process - a deposition - you will provide sworn testimony outside of court. This testimony is recorded in a written transcript that is made available to the defense lawyer and the Judge. As such, the outcome or findings of a deposition may have a lasting effect on your entire claim. A deposition can go far in either helping to maximize your case’s value or by putting your credibility into question and potentially damaging your claim.

Though you may be intimidated, rest assured you can lessen the potential stress of your deposition if you remember the following:

  • Don’t overshare. Your deposition may feel like the only time to tell your story, but it is crucial you don’t elaborate on facts that do not require additional clarification. Keep your answers short, simple, and straightforward.
  • Stay professional & make a good impression. Depositions must be taken seriously and the way you present yourself will leave an impact. Dress professionally, be early, and be as polite as possible, even if you feel annoyed at the questions or upset with the defense attorney.
  • Ask for clarification if you don’t understand the question. Ask the attorney to repeat the question if you are unsure of what he said, or what he meant. Remember, you are allowed to ask for clarification if you feel confused or overwhelmed.
  • Be honest, especially if you don’t understand the question. Few things are as damaging to your claim as exaggerating your injury. Dishonesty will only harm you.

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