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Blogs from April, 2013

Accidents Can Be Devastating


Accidents can be devastating. In our economy many people are just getting by. Often, their car and their home are all they have, and if they didn't have their job, they wouldn't be able to afford either. An accident that totals or seriously damages your car can be devastating.

It can be confusing to suddenly have to deal with the loss of your car, arranging for inspection and payment, and dealing with an insurance company. When you call them, they may not be immediately available. To make matters worse, if you are injured, you have to worry about your health and how you will support your family.

In a situation like that, it's no wonder people get frustrated. My law firm is dedicated to helping people in that very situation get better. We help you with your property damage claim, as well as your injury claim. Consultation is free, and if we don't recover anything for you, there is no attorney's fee. If you have a question about an accident you have been involved in, feel free to call me. My office is available seven days a week.

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