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Blogs from January, 2014

What to Know When Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit


It can be devastating for victims to suffer injuries caused by someone else’s negligence. With our 35 years of experience representing personal injury victims, we’ll work with you to get you the compensation you deserve. Here are some important things you need to know and expect when filing for a claim.

Court Litigation
The process of getting compensation for the injury and damages doesn’t always have to involve court litigation. If the defendant offers an amount you think is appropriate for your case, you may choose to accept it and go on with your life. You can depend on us if you decide to take the case to court. We have a mock jury courtroom where we can make necessary preparations for the upcoming trials.

Duration of Settlement
There is no definite duration for any litigation; it can take several weeks to years. We’ll use the best strategy to get the results you want. We have 15 experienced lawyers ready to fight for you.

We offer free consultations and do not ask our personal injury clients to pay legal fees or costs up front. We only collect fees and costs if you recover money for you.

The Right Choice
Choosing the right personal injury lawyer is necessary to fight for your case. When you choose us, you’ll get an attorney and the whole team of legal experts working for you. We believe you will feel confident with our team of experienced attorneys behind you.

Contact us if you need legal representation with your personal injury case. Our New Orleans injury lawyers provide free consultations.

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