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Blogs from May, 2017

Locations Where Slip & Fall Accidents Commonly Occur


If safety protocols are not followed and guests are not warned of potential hazards, any location could be the site of a slip and fall accident that leaves someone seriously injured. This fact is important to recognize, as the actual location where a slip and fall accident occurs can change how any subsequent personal injury claims are handled.

The location of a slip and fall can dictate:

  • Which premises liability laws govern the case
  • What damages the plaintiff can seek
  • Who can be ultimately liable for those damages
  • How the claim is managed or structured

Additionally, if a location is known for having slip and trip hazards on site, it can increase the chances of a plaintiff recovering damages. The accident record of individual businesses can be a relevant factor to your claim.

What are some places that most often see slip and fall accidents?

1.Retail and grocery stores: Topping the list of locations likely to have slip and fall hazards is the everyday retail or grocery store. There are numerous reasons why these locations can become dangerous, including leaking products, discarded product packaging and so on. Store managers and parent companies are tasked with keeping the site safe for all visitors and with training employees to know how to handle and clear trip hazards.

2.Hotels: The average hotel or resort has thousands of square feet on the property that the staff must ensure is always clear of hazards. Ironically, guests are encouraged to place used room service trays out in the hallways for collection. In this regard, people are actually encouraged to create hazards for others while staying in a hotel.

3.Homes: Visiting the house of a friend can put you in unexpected danger of slipping and falling. The average homeowner sees their property as just their own concern, and may intentionally let maintenance and cleaning fall by the wayside. This increases the chances that a slip and fall hazard will appear, like a bit of loose carpeting, slick tiles in the kitchen, or tangled cables in the living room.

Managing Your Slip & Fall Claim

Where did you slip and fall? Who should have been in control of the area? Can you prove you were acting reasonably when the accident occurred? These are just some of the questions that must be addressed when you file your injury claim.

Take the guesswork out of the process by working with our New Orleans personal injury attorney from The Womac Law Firm. We are well-versed in premises liability law and can explain the fine nuances to you as we manage your case. If you do not want to even worry about the details, you are more than welcome to focus on recuperation and leave all the work to us. Call 504.470.3935 to schedule a free consultation today.
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