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Blogs from October, 2018

New Orleans Fall Festival Safety Tips


September marked the beginning of New Orleans’ fall festival season. The fall festival season lasts from September until early December and packs the streets with thousands of attendees and hundreds of vendors and entertainers. Many festivals celebrate food and drink, music, art, film, and multiculturalism.

Below are just a few events that are taking place in the city:


  1. Voodoo Music + Arts Experience (10/26-28)


  1. Bayou Bacchanal (11/2-3)
  2. Hell Yes Fest (11/14-18)
  3. NOLA Nerdlesque (11/16-17)

For more information on these festivals, please visit the official webpage for the New Orleans fall festival season.

Certain Safety Hazards Can Be Exacerbated During a Lively Festival

Many people will be drinking alcohol during the festival season. As a result, you can expect to encounter a lot of intoxicated people. If any of them decide, in their impaired judgment, to drive, then their likelihood of causing a car accident will increase.

Festivals also provide numerous opportunities for people to slip and fall. Walkways may be littered with debris and mysterious puddles. When combined with poor lighting, carelessly placed festival equipment, such as ropes, power cables, or tent stakes, can be a virtual minefield for the unassuming and tipsy passerby.

According to premises liability laws, property owners, and/or the person(s) responsible for facilitating the festival, have a legal duty to not place members of the public in harm’s way. They are liable for neglecting this duty if:

  1. The property owner knew or should have known there was a dangerous condition on the property;
  2. The property owner failed to take timely, reasonable steps towards mitigating the danger, such as providing warnings about the dangerous condition; and
  3. The plaintiff sustained injuries as a result of the dangerous condition.

These 5 Tips Can Help Keep the Festivities Fun Through Injury Prevention

If you plan on taking part in the festivities, here are a few measures you can take to help safely enjoy the fall festivals:

  1. Check the Weather Ahead of Time. Checking the weather allows you to dress appropriately. This is an easy way to prevent weather-related injuries, like sunburn and heatstroke. If you expect rainy weather, depart earlier so you don’t need to rush through the slippery streets.
  2. Locate the Nearest First Aid Station. Festivals are required to have First Aid stations that are conspicuously located and ready to treat minor injuries like cuts and sprains. Know where these are located in the event you need their services.
  3. Watch Your Step. The ground may be covered in trash, broken glass, and spilled liquids. Also, there may be loose electrical cords, ropes and unmarked tent stakes near vendors. You can easily avoid injury by carefully monitoring you surroundings.
  4. Stay In Well-Lit Areas. If you venture into a poorly lit area, dangerous conditions may be obscured from your sight. This can possibly cause you to slip or trip, resulting in injury.

Get an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer to Fight for You

No activity is 100 percent safe, but you shouldn’t have to lock yourself at home and miss out on the fall festivities for fear of being involved in an accident. That is why the law gives accident victims certain rights and remedies for injuries caused by another person’s negligence. Here at The Womac Law Firm, our New Orleans personal injury attorneys will fight to protect your right to be free from unreasonable risks of injury.

Contact The Womac Law Firm online, or call (504) 470-3935 to have an experienced New Orleans personal injury lawyer evaluate your case immediately!

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