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Blogs from October, 2017

Handling Your Motorcycle Accident Case

Motorcycle after an accident

When juries are sitting in on a case involving a motorcycle accident, there’s a chance of bias against motorcyclists, even if they are the victims in the case. This is sometimes because the opposition tries to paint a picture of recklessness and risky behavior in regards to the motorcyclist involved. The stereotype of bikers being irresponsible and wild is one our legal team is aware of, and one we have the experience to disprove.

If your motorcycle accident case goes to trial, there is a chance you will be facing various biases and stereotypes regarding your identity as a motorcyclist. While going up against any such biases may be difficult, and even offensive, you can combat them with the right legal advocacy.

Jury strategy is one of our strongest areas of practice, and our experienced New Orleans personal injury attorneys have the skills necessary to present your case as thoroughly as possible, helping you obtain the compensation you deserve. We know motorcyclists are just like other drivers, and we will do everything in our power to help the jury deliberate your case as fairly and accurately as possible.

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At The Womac Law Firm, we understand there is nothing quite as devastating as being involved in a motorcycle accident. This is why it is essential you put yourself in the best position possible by enlisting the help of our New Orleans Personal Injury attorneys. Don’t face your injuries and damages without our trusted legal advice, care, and representation.

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